Deconstructing Osamu Tezuka

Given his influence on manga and anime, it should come as no surprise that plenty has been written about Osamu Teukza. Although most of it has been written in Japanese, there are several good English language books that cover Tezuka's work.  Here you will find information and links about several scholarly books that touch on Tezuka's career within the context of the history of anime and manga, as well as a few dedicated solely to exploring in depth the origins, influences and themes of his work.

This section includes original and exclusive to Tezuka in English essays by fan contributors on everyone's favorite "God of Manga", Osamu Tezuka. Topics range from an thoughtful deconstruction of the history of one of Teukza's key Stars, Rock Holmes to an indepth review of Jungle Emperor, covering all the various manga and anime versions, among others.  If you'd like to contribute an essay, or just let us know about a book on Tezuka we've missed, please contact us and let us know!

Published Apr 2, 2011 (Updated Mar 23, 2012)