Afill (Star)


Afill is a generally a minor, saggy-faced comedic character, recognizable by his pug nose, monkey-like ears and wide, exaggerated lips.  Because of his resemblance, his name is derived from the word "duck" in Japanese (ahiru).

With no series to call his own, he first appeared in Lost World (1948), and later in Lion Books (1956-57), the Astro Boy (1952-68) chapter, 'Secret of the Egyptian Conspirators' (1959), six times in Black Jack (1973-83), as well as several other smaller titles, all in minor roles.






Manga Appearance List

Date Series Chapter Title Appearing As... Notes:
1948 Lost World   A member of the Secret Society on Planet Mamango  
1956 Lion Books The Black Space Ray The customer at the dance hall  
1957 Lion Books Multiple-Eyed Devil A passenger on the train  
1959 Astro Boy The Secret of the Egyptian Conspirators    
1959 Light      
1969 The Runaway Tanker   A passenger on the ship  
1971 Lion Books Serenade of a pig's navel The Soviet who attacks Gousuke  
1973 Black Jack Miyuki and Ben The police officer  
1973 Microid S   The taxi driver  
1974 Black Jack Mistress Shiraha Hakuyo's secretary  
1974 Black Jack Mountain Doctor A passenger on the bus  
1974 Black Jack The Teratoid Cystoma (part 2) A doctor  
1974 Black Jack Younger Brother Eichi's older friend  
1974 Black Jack The Nekogami Clan The Nekogami Family's servant  
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