Ordering Manga

It should come as no surprise that Amazon.com is a great resource for finding English language releases by Osamu Tezuka. To help sort though it (and make sure you're finding everything!), we've prepared this handy Osamu Tezuka "God of Manga" list for you.

However, the English language releases of Tezuka manga, barely scratch the surface.  There are significant amounts of Tezuka manga released in European languages such as French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Besides Japanese, there have been other Asian language releases such as Korean, and Chinese.


Of course the majority of Tezuka manga is still available only in Japan. While sometimes the only way to get things is to go to Japan yourself, there are a few ways to hunt down items and have them shipped them to North America.  Remember, ordering from Japan can be confusing, so one good resource is to ask other fans on the forum.

When searching Japanese web pages, especially Yahoo Japan Auctions, it is necessary to search using titles in Japanese characters. Since this can be difficult for non-Japanese users, you may choose to use an online dictionary to find the terms you need.

Japanese Search Terms

For the most common searches, we have prepared a list of the correct Japanese search terms for different Tezuka-related things:

Tezuka Osamu: 手塚治虫
Tezuka: 手塚
Osamu: 治虫
Autograph: サイン
Astro Boy: 鉄腕アトム
Black Jack: ブラック・ジャック (or just ブラック)
Buddha: ブッダ
Don Dracula: ドン・ドラキュラ
Dororo: どろろ
Faust: ファウスト
Kimba (a.k.a. Jungle Emperor Leo): ジャングル大帝
Kirihito: きりひと讃歌
Ludwig B: ルードウィヒ・B
Metropolis: メトロポリス
Phoenix: 火の鳥
Princess Knight (a.k.a. Ribon no Kishi): リボンの騎士
Rainbow Parakeet: 七色いんこ
Vampires: バンパイヤ
Zero Men: 0マン

When requesting Tezuka manga from a Japanese seller, it is very useful to provide an image of the cover of the volume you want.  This is because there are multiple editions of all Tezuka manga, and if you don't specify then you don't know which edition you will recieve. Often early editions of Tezuka manga are censored or incomplete, so it is important to choose your edition carefully.

Most Tezuka manga were printed at least three times; first in an original collection shortly after printing (formats vary wildly), then in the Kodansha Tezuka Complete Works edition (black cover with gold picture frame around the image), and then in the Akita Bunko Library Book version (smaller than the others, with the botom half white, while the top half has an illustration, not by Tezuka, but in a more realistic art style).

Usually the Akita Bunko is the cheapest, best edited and most complete version of any given series, but the smaller format than the older versions may make them hard to read. Akita Bunko volumes are also thicker than old versions, and often have fewer volumes than the older versions, while containing the same contents.

  • Amazon.jp - large selection and less expensive shipping, but difficult to navigate because it's only in Japanese.
  • Yahoo Japan Auctions - huge selection (including rareties) but is only in Japanse and only sell directly to Japanese bidders.
  • HMV.co - good manga source

When looking for help with Tezuka auctions or other merchandise, remember to post in our Discussion Forum - we have some forum users based in Japan who are often willing to help fellow fans.


Published Apr 3, 2011 (Updated Jul 26, 2012)