Astro vs Garon

Publication Data
Japanese Titles: Astro Boy vs. Garon (Original title: Astro Boy vs. Satan)
Sequence: 48
Publication: Shonen
Publisher: Kobunsha
Publication sequence: 48
Publication Start: Oct. 1962
Publication End: Feb. 1963
Dark Horse volume: 10
Dark Horse Title: Astro Vs. Garon
Dark Horse Date: 2002
Dark Horse pages: 7-58
Dark Horse ISBN: 1-56971-793-1
Dark Horse ISBN-13: 978-1-56971-793-6

The 48th of Atom’s manga adventures, this was first published between October of 1962 to February of 1963. This story was retold in both the 1960s and 1980s animated series. Tezuka prefaces this story by having Spider introduce some characters, including Garon and Hyoutantsugi.


Spider Garon Hyoutantsugi

For anyone curious about this strange character, the Tezuka site provides an adequate background (See Cast of Characters, below). Unfortunately for those unfamiliar with Tezuka’s works and characters, he does not explain Spider himself. Dark Horse provides this story’s first four pages online: Preview of Astro Boy Vol. 10 (1 of 4)


Characters: Fisherman
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime


Characters: Genie
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

The story itself concerns one large robot called Garon that falls to Earth. First mistaken for a meteor, it soon becomes clear that it is a collection of parts of extraterrestrial origin. Once assembled, Garon stands over 20 feet tall, his purpose, if Atom has correctly deciphered the alien text that came with him, is to modify a planet. Both Prof. Ochanomizu (Dr. Elefun) and Prof. Amawaga (Duke Red) are awed by this, but Ochanomizu chooses caution over curiosity.


Characters: Prof. Amawagawa
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

However, a lightning strike activates Garon, who then goes on to wreak havoc. Prof. Amawaga reactivates Garon after Garon is damaged, and orders him to convert a South Seas island to resemble his home planet. Delighted by the fact that Garon has changed the land into solid platinum, Prof. Amawaga too late notices that Garon was then changing the air into ammonia.


Characters: Airforce Officer
Manga 1980 anime

Anime The 19th episode of the 1960s and the 41st episode of the 1980s series both retold this story. The English versions are ''The Cosmic Giant'' (episode 19) and ''The Genie From Outer Space'' (episode 18) for the 1960s and 1980s series, respectively.


Characters: Tall scientist
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

1960s: while Ochanomizu pulls the instructions from Garon’s nose in the manga (17), Atom does so here. While the lightning strikes and activates Garon by itself in the manga (21), Dr. Amawagawa puts a makeshift lightning rod on him here.


Characters: Garon
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

1960s English-language version: Here is one of the few stories whose dialogue was significantly different in the English-language version than it was in the Japanese-language version. In both the manga and 1980s animated versions, Prof. Amawaga is as already stated, simply overeager and reckless in his investigation of this alien device.


Characters: Dr. Ochanomizu
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

Related Stories
1960s' episode 091 Garon’s Counterattack/ 082 Galon From Galaxy. Garon returns to Earth, and resumes wreaking havoc. This time, the solution is to destroy him, rather than send him into space.


Characters: Atom
Manga 1963 anime 1980 anime

Episode 076/067 Monster Machine. Just as Prof. Amawagawa was overly eager and insufficiently cautious in activating Garon, so too, Dr. Marvin Muddle trusted Ork and built his machine whose purpose was yet unknown.


Animated versions
  Number Title English Number English Title
1960s anime: 19 Astro Boy vs. Garon 19  Cosmic Giant
1980s anime: 41 Devil Garon 18  Genie From Outer Space
*Original sequence only. The DVDs of the English-language version used a modified version of Japanese sequence, and placed this episode 40th in sequence.


Dark Horse 1960s Name 1960s English Name 1980s Name 1980s English Name
Atom Astro Atom Astro/Astroboy Atom Astro
Dr. Ochanomizu Dr. Ochanomizu Dr. Ochanomizu Dr. Elefun Dr. Ochanomizu Dr. Elefun
Genie None used None used Geliton the Genie None used None used
Prof. Amawagawa Prof. Amawagawa Prof. Amawagawa Stickim/
Secret Agent ZM4
Dr. Milky Way Prof. Adams
Police Chief Chief Nakamura Chief Nakamura Chief McClaw Chief Nakamura Chief McClaw


Cast of Tezuka Stars:
Role Star

Atom/Astro Boy
Atom (T-in-E)

Chief Nakamura
Chief Nakamura

Dr. Ochanomizu
Dr. Ochanomizu

(1980s only)

Prof. Amawagawa
Duke Red (T-in-E)
(Manga & 1960s only)

Not named
Notaarin (T-in-E)
(1960s only)

Military Officer
Tonanshipei (T-in-E)
(1980s only)
Hyoutantsugi (T-in-E)

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