Lost World/Metropolis/Next World (Dark Horse)


Metropolis - Nextworld - Lost World
(Dark Horse)

Following up on the success of the movie adaptation of Metropolis in 2001, Dark Horse decided in 2003 to publish Osamu Tezuka's early science-fiction trilogy, which includes Lost World, Next World and the original Metropolis manga the film was based on.  Translations were provided by Kumar Sivasubramanian and Studio Proteus, with editing consulting done by Toren Smith.

Given the rough edges of Tezuka's earliest work, the manga was perhaps a bit dated for a modern manga audience expecting the slickness of the big-budget anime movie adaptation and did not achieve the level of success Dark Horse was hoping for.  Still, these important works are a must for the serious Tezuka enthusiast as many of the themes and elements of Tezuka's work are evident in their raw form.

Lost World

The first of Osamu Tezuka's cycle of original science-fiction graphic novels -- including Metropolis and Nextworld -- published in the late 1940's and early 1950's. When a rogue planet approaches Earth, a team of scientists voyage to the world and discover a land out of the ancient past--a planet populated by dinosaurs! But a group of crooks has stowed away aboard the spacecraft, and the scientists must fight for their survival against both crooks and hungry monsters!



From Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy, comes Metropolis, the legendary 1949 graphic novel that inspired the animated film that floored audiences and critics alike. In a not-so-far-off future a beautiful, artificially created girl -- unaware of her non-human background -- searches for the non-existent parents she believes must exist, wandering alone in a world populated by humans and by the slave-driven robots who serve them. Tezuka's key theme of the nature of humanity in a technological society is framed in bold relief, as well as his wry allegorical observations of the Cold War that was escalating when he created Metropolis.



The last of Osamu Tezuka's cycle of original science-fiction graphic novels, Nextworld is a wry satire of the Cold War published in the late 1940's and early 1950's. When nuclear testing creates mutated animals with amazing supernatural abilities, the world and its great superpowers are drawn into political conflict that could light the fuse for World War III.


Published Oct 4, 2011 (Updated May 24, 2013)