German Manga

Although there are not many German-language releases of Tezuka manga, the list is growing. Check out our handy table below to see what's available.

Be sure to click on the English Title for more detailed (when available) series information!

German Title English Title Publication Date Publisher No. of Volumes In Print? Notes
Adolf Message to Adolf 2005-2006 Carlsen Verlag GmbH 5  
Astro Boy Astro Boy 2000-2002 Carlsen Verlag GmbH 21  
Barbara Barbara 2010 Schreiber & Leser 2  
Buddha Buddha 2012-2014 Carlsen Verlag GmbH 10  
Kimba, der weiße Löwe Jungle Emperor 2001 (2011-2012) Carlsen Verlag GmbH 3 (2) SC (3 volumes out of print) and HC (2 volumes) editions available
Kirihito Ode to Kirihito 2009-2010 Carlsen Verlag GmbH 3  

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Published Apr 3, 2011 (Updated Aug 17, 2012)