Spanish Manga

There is a relatively large number of Spanish-language (primarily European) releases. Check out our handy table below to see what's available.

Be sure to click on the English Title for more detailed (when available) series information!

Spanish Title English Title Publication Date Publisher No. of Volumes In Print? Notes
Adolf Message to Adolf 1999-00 Planeta de Agostini 5 Vol. 1 is extremely difficult to find
Adolf Message to Adolf 2010 Planeta de Agostini 2 Two-volume Hardcover Box-set
Astroboy Astro Boy 2003-12 Glénat 21/22 Final double size volume (22 & 23)
Ayako Ayako 2004 Otakuland 2  
Bajo el aire Under the Air 2008 Dolmen 1  
Black Jack Black Jack 1995-96 Glénat 12 Incomplete
Black Jack Black Jack 2006-09 Glénat 17 complete edition
Buda Buddha 2002-03 Planeta de Agostini 10  
Crimen y castigo Crime and Punishment 2004 Otakuland 1 Also contains back-up feature “Lemon Kid”
El árbol que da sombra A Tree in the Sun 2005-06 Planeta de Agostini 8   a.k.a. Tezuka's Ancestor Dr. Ryoan
Fenix (Vol. 1) Phoenix 2001-02 Planeta de Agostini 11 Dawn, Future, Yamato
Fenix (Vol. 2) Phoenix 2003 Planeta de Agostini 2 Space
Fenix (Vol. 3) Phoenix 2004 Planeta de Agostini 2 Karma
La leyenda de Son Goku My Son Goku 2010 Norma Editorial 4  
La nueva Isla del Tesoro New Treasure Island 2008 Glénat 1  
La Princesa Caballero Princess Knight 2004-05 Glénat 3  Nakayoshi Edition, available in a boxset
Lost World Lost World 2007 Glénat 1  
Metropolis Metropolis 2004 Glénat 1  
MW MW 2005 Planeta de Agostini 1  
Nextworld Nextworld 2008 Glénat 1  
Oda a Kirihito Ode to Kirihito 2004 Otakuland 3  

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Published Apr 3, 2011 (Updated Jul 26, 2012)