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Red Snow (Manga)

Originally serialized from January and May, 1955 in the pages of the girl's monthly, Girl Friend, Tezuka's Red Snow (1955) is one of his lesser-known shojo adventure tales.

Shonen/Shojo Club

Also known as 少年クラブ (Shonen Kurabu) and 少女クラブ (Shojo Kurabu), these two publications are home series such as Adventure of Rock (1952-54), the original version of Princess Knight, as well as an early version of Phoenix.

Bambi (Manga)

Osamu Tezuka’s Bambi (1951) was originally published on November 10, 1951 as a stand-alone book by Tsuru Shobo. It, like Pinocchio (1952), is a more-or-less direct adaptation of a Walt Disney classic animated feature film.

Good Friend

Also known as なかよし (Nakayoshi), it was been home to most of Tezuka's important shōjo manga series, such as The Twin Knights, Angel's Hill, and the remake version of Princess Knight.

Princess Knight [Nakayoshi] (Manga)

Although it is a remake of the original story, Princess Knight [Nakayoshi] (1963-64) is the more well-known of the two. This completely re-draw and re-written version of Princess Knight was serialized in Good Friend from January 1963 to October 1966 and was the main inspiration for the animated television show.

Phoenix [Shojo Club] (Manga)

Phoenix [Shojo Club] (1956-57), Tezuka's reboot of the Phoenix concept, came a mere one year after Phoenix [Manga Shonen] (1954-55) came to an abrupt end in May 1955. As the follow-up to Princess Knight [Shojo Club] (1953-56), it was serialized in Shojo Club from May 1956 to December 1957.

Princess Knight [Shojo Club] (Manga)

The original manga adventure of Princess Knight was serialized in Shojo Club from January 1953 to January 1956 - with a one-off Princess Knight side-story ("Tink and the Golden Egg") appearing in the Shojo Club "Summer Vacation Special Issue" in 1954. It was so successful, it spawned a sequel, known as The Twin Knights (1958-59), as well as a remake, known as Princess Knight [Nakayoshi] (1963-66).