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Osamu Tezuka Complete Manga Works

In 1977 Kodansha approached Osamu Tezuka with a proposal to publish a complete library of nearly all his manga works. Although Tezuka was at first resistant to the idea (after all, it had been tried before and failed), Kodansha was insistent.

About Tezuka’s Anime

Although Osamu Tezuka got his beginnings as a manga artist, in some ways it can be seen as a means to an end - and that being animation. In fact, Tezuka himself has been famously quoted as saying that while manga was his "wife", animation was his "mistress", and one that he simply could not stop himself from returning to.

Tezuka’s Manga (1970-79)

With the failure of the company he founded, Mushi Productions, much of Tezuka's work in the 1970s reflects his darker mood. Despite this, and indeed because of it, the 1970s really show Tezuka at his best.

Tezuka’s Manga (1960-69)

The 1960s see Tezuka hit his artistic stride. Although throughout the decade much of his energy was devoted to getting his animation, both artistic and commercial, off the ground, in his manga work his storytelling and artwork show a maturity that only comes from years of experience.