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Leo the Lion Cub (Manga)

As a tie-in to the Jungle Emperor (1965-66) television show, Leo the Lion Cub (1965-67), was simultaneously published on a monthly schedule by Shogakukan in both Kindergartener and First Grader from April 1965 to March 1967 and (presumably as the readership got older) in both Third Grader and Fourth Grader from May to November 1966.

Clockwork Apple (Manga)

Although the stories featured in this anthology cover a wide range of topics - from military-style drama, to forbidden love, to assassination plot thrillers to space hippies - they share a general similarity in terms of style and tone. For the most part each of the stories represents a morality play that explores some deeper part of the human psyche.

Short Stories (Manga)

A very large, and important section of Tezuka's manga catelogue are his short stories. With an imagination as active as his, the need for creative output would often outpace his ability to incorporate his ideas into his longer story-form manga serials.