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Fooler, Dr.

Also known as フーラー博士 (Fūrā hakase)

Status: Secondary Star (★★)

Dr. Fooler is another of Tezuka’s mad scientists.  Childish, both in his appearance and in his behavior, he is nosy and pushy and often worms his way into business he should not be part of, or pushes forward ill-conceived scientific projects against the better judgment of wiser scientists.

He appears frequently in Astro Boy (1952-68), though generally not as a villain but rather as the accidental cause of great calamities.  However, he is probably best known for his recurring roles as Dr. Kani in Black Jack (1973-83) and as Dracula‘s hemmorhoid-plagued, vampire-hunting arch-nemisis, Professor Hellsing in the comedy Don Dracula (1979).

Hello, My Name (in English) is…

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Distinguishing Features

Dr. Fooler is recognizable by his short, squat frame and round, mainly bald head with just a tuft of hair.

Manga Appearances

If you spot an appearance not already listed, please let us know in the comments section below!


Astro Boy (“Mad Machine”)
Astro Boy (“Count Bat”)


Flying Ben as “a member of the monkey boss attack squad”


Black Jack (“Teratoid Cystoma”) as “Dr. Kani”
Black Jack (“Thieving Dog”) as “the bodyguard of the ambassador from Kainan Republic”
Black Jack (“Pinoko Lives”) as “Dr. Kani”


Astro Boy (“Astro Boy II”) as “a scientist at the Ministery of Science”


Black Jack (“Unexploded Bomb”) as “the man bringing the invitation to Itachihara”


The Three-Eyed One (“Godal”) as “the cook”
Black Jack (“Recollections of a Spinster”) as “Dr. Kani”


Futureman Kaos


Don Dracula (“Well, I’m Dracula”) as “Professor Hellsing”
Don Dracula (“Dracula Meets the Fish-Men”) as “Professor Hellsing”
Don Dracula (“Dracula, By All Means”) as “Professor Hellsing”
Don Dracula (“Another Dracula”) as “Professor Hellsing”
Don Dracula (“Dracula Train”) as “Professor Hellsing”


Astro Boy (“The Robot Disposer”) as “Dr. Fooler”
Astro Boy (“Crazy Duck”)
Astro Boy (“Showdown on Mt. Fuji”)


Rainbow Parakeet (“Hamlet”)
Rainbow Parakeet (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”) as “the theatre critic”


Rainbow Parakeet (“End”) as “the doctor”

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