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Adventure/Manga King

Also known as 冒険王 (Boken-o) and 漫画王 (Manga-o)

Adventure King March 1953

Adventure King
March 1953

Running from 1949 to 1983, Adventure King was a monthly manga magazine published, alongside it’s sister-publication Manga King, in Japan by Akita Shoten.

Although Adventure King featured some longer-running serials, such as Age of Adventure (1951-53), and The Devil Garon (1959-62), it was mainly home to several of Tezuka’s self-contained adventures, usually published as stand-alone seasonal supplemental inserts.  These tales include X-Point in the South Pacific (1953), Lemon Kid (1953), and The Devil of the Earth (1954).

In 1952, Adventure King‘s success paved the way for Manga King. Although it’s sister-publication’s boasts more Tezuka titles, Manga King was home to serials like Jet King (1959), and I am Sarutobi! (1960-61).  However, it’s true claim to fame is Tezuka’s well-known and long-running serial, Son-Goku the Monkey (1952-59).

It’s also interesting to note that Adventure King featured the ending of Dororo (1967-69), after it returned from hiatus following its initial run in Weekly Shonen Sunday.

Adventure King

Series Japanese Title Begin End Type
Age of Adventure 冒険狂時代 1951/12 1953/08 Ongoing Serial
The Fossil Man 化石人間 1952/02 Complete Story [Insert]
The Fossil Man Strikes Back 化石人間の逆襲 1952/07 Complete Story [Insert]
X-Point in the South Pacific 太平洋Xポイント 1953/01 Complete Story [Insert]
The Village Dancer 村の踊り子 1953/02 Complete Story [Insert]
Lemon Kid レモン・キッド 1953/05 Complete Story [Insert]
The Bean President 豆大統領 1953/10 1954/12 Ongoing Serial
The Devil of the Earth 地球の悪魔 1954/01 Complete Story [Insert]
The Destroyer of the Earth 世界を滅ぼす男 1954/10 Complete Story [Insert]
Lost World 前世紀星(ロスト・ワールド) 1955/01 1955/06 Ongoing Serial
Instruction! 7:00AM 指令!午前7時 1956/09 Short Story [Summer Vacation Special]
Chief Detective Kenichi [“The House of Spiders”] ケン1探偵長 1957/03 Complete Story [Insert]
Battle at Hitokui Cape 人食岬の決戦 1957/08 Complete Story [Insert]
The Three Who Glimpse the Future 未来をのぞく3人 1958/01 Short Story [New Years Special]
The Ghosts of the Jet Base ジェット基地の幽霊 1958/09 Short Story [Summer Vacation Special]
The Devil Garon 魔神ガロン 1959/07 1962/07 Ongoing Serial
A Blue Shadow Behind the Backstop バックネットの青い影 1962/10 Short Story* [Fall Special]
Burunga I ブルンガ1世 1968/04 1969/03 Ongoing Serial
Dororo どろろ 1969/07 1969/10 Ongoing Serial

*Note: Appeared in Best Adventure King

Manga King

Series Japanese Title Begin End Type
Mr. Chakkari チャッカリくん 1952/01 Four-Scene
Son-Goku the Monkey ぼくの孫悟空 1952/02 1959/03 Ongoing Serial
Jet King ジェットキング 1959/01 1959/05 Ongoing Serial
Light 1959/06 1959/12 Ongoing Serial
I am Sarutobi! おれは猿飛だ! 1960/01 1961/02 Ongoing Serial
Fire Valley 火の谷 1960/08 Short-Story