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Tezuka’s Anime Works


Working on Anime

Osamu Tezuka’s anime career, while not quite as prolific as his manga career, is still quite impressive.  He is credited with creating more than 20 individual animated television series, 11 anime telefilms, as well as 14 experimental animated shorts, and a number of anime pilots and OAVs – many of which are still relatively unknown in the English-speaking world.  As such production information, at least in English, on many of the series is scare and what little there is can often be confusing.

In this section, you will find an ever-growing source of information on Tezuka’s anime works.  Each page will attempt to give you basic broadcast/release information, a short synopsis of the story as well as some interesting, often behind the scenes, or analytical, bits of information that every Tezuka fan should know.

Please keep in mind, this is not a full list of Tezuka’s anime (at least not yet).  If you want to see the BIG list, please check out our About Tezuka’s Anime section.