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Shonen/Shojo Club

Also known as 少年クラブ (Shonen Kurabu) and 少女クラブ (Shojo Kurabu)

Shonen Club September 1953

Shonen Club (September 1953)

Shonen Club was begun by Kodansha in November 1914 as a monthly magazine catering to the interests of elementary/middle school boys. Originally featuring articles, poetry and serialized novels, by the 1930s it began focusing more and more on manga. It was such a success that in 1923 it gained a sister-publication, Shojo Club, which offered similar content, albeit catering to the interests of girls rather than boys.

After the end of World War II, in April 1946 both periodicals changed the Japanese characters in their names for “Club” from “倶楽部” to the more modern-sounding “クラブ” to keep up with the changing times and remained that way until they were both discontinued and merged with Kodansha‘s newer publications Weekly Shonen Magazine and Weekly Shojo Magazine respectively.

During its heyday, Shonen Club featured a long run of some of Tezuka’s important adventure serials, beginning with The Adventure of Rock (1952-54), followed by Chief Detective Kenichi (1954-56), and Whirlwind Z (1957-58), and ending with Donguri March (1959). However, of the two publications, Shojo Club is arguably the more notable, given that it featured both the original version of Princess Knight [Shojo Club] (1953-56) as well as Phoenix [Shojo Club] (1956-57), an early version of what would later become Osamu Tezuka’s life’s work.

Shonen Club

Series Japanese Title Begin End Type
Skyscraper Kid 摩天樓小僧 1952/01 Complete Story [New Year’s Special]
The Adventure of Rock ロック冒険記 1952/07 1954/04 Ongoing Serial
Rock on Volcano Island 火山島少年 1952/08 Complete Story [Summer Special]
The 13 Secrets 13の秘密 1953/01 Complete Story [New Year’s Special]
The Disc of Maboroshi まぼろしの円盤 1953/08 Complete Story [Summer Special]
’32 Ford フォード32年型 1954/01 Complete Story [New Year’s Special]
Chief Detective Kenichi ケン1探偵長 1954/06 1956/12 Ongoing Serial
Whirlwind Z 旋風Z 1957/01 1958/06 Ongoing Serial
Hurricane Z ハリケーンZ 1958/07 1958/12 Ongoing Serial
Donguri March どんぐり行進曲 1959/01 1959/06 Ongoing Serial
The Strange Boy ふしぎな少年 1961/05 1962/12 Ongoing Serial

Shojo Club

Series Japanese Title Begin End Type
Princess Knight リボンの騎士 1953/01 1956/01 Ongoing Serial
Sing, Penny うたえペニーよ 1953/01 Complete Story [New Year’s Special]
Princess Knight
[“Tink and the Golden Egg”]
リボンの騎士 1954/08 Complete Story [Summer Special]
The Crane’s Fountain つるの泉 1956/02 1956/04 Ongoing Serial
Phoenix [“Egypt”] 火の鳥 1956/05 1956/10 Ongoing Serial
Phoenix [“Greece”] 火の谷 1956/11 1957/07 Ongoing Serial
Phoenix [“Rome”] 火の谷 1957/08 1957/12 Ongoing Serial
Peacock Shell 孔雀貝 1958/06 Complete Story [Insert]