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Tezuka’s Manga (1960-69)

Tezuka hits his stride


Vampires (1966-67)

The 1960s see Tezuka hit his artistic stride. Although throughout the decade much of his energy was devoted to getting his animation, both artistic and commercial, off the ground, in his manga work his storytelling and artwork show a maturity that only comes from years of experience.

In the early 1960s Tezuka’s work still resembled, albeit often in a more polished way, his sci-fi adventures of the 1950s. This is evident through works such as his “cowboys on Mars” sci-fi adventure, Captain Ken (1960-61), his “superman” story Big X (1963-66), his “aliens on Earth” adventure Wonder 3 (1965-66), and his “giant robot” series, Ambassador Magma (1965-67).

However, the later 1960s would see a major shift in Tezuka’s work. A few of the key turning points are; the 1966 release of his first exploration of man’s capacity for evil, Vampires (1966-67), his contribution to the yōkai (ghost story) genre of storytelling, Dororo (1967-69), and, of course, his release of his masterpiece, Phoenix (1967-88), in the experimental “manga laboratory” magazine COM.

By the end of the 1960s, we see the emergence of seinen-style works, such as Swallowing the Earth (1968-69) that would set the stage for Tezuka’s darker period in the early 1970s.

Year(s) English Title Japanese Title
1960-61 Angel’s Hill エンゼルの丘
1960-61 I am Sarutobi! おれは猿飛だ!
1960 Mars Story 火星物語
1960 L’il Rin Rin リンリンちゃん
1960 Adventure Broadcasting Station 冒険放送局
1960-61 Rabi-chan らびちゃん
1960 Secret Order No.3 秘密指令第3号
1960 Fire Valley 火の谷
1960 Someone’s Crazy! だれかが狂ってる!
1960 A Pair of Musicians ふたりの演奏家
1960-61 The Secret of Piron ピロンの秘密
1960-61 When the Wild Rose Sings 野ばらよいつ歌う
1960-61 Captain Ken キャプテンKen
1960 The Hatsuyume Family はつゆめ一家
1960 Dream of the Universe うちゅうのゆめ
1961-63 Number 7 ナンバー7
1961 The Tale of the Dawson Family ドースン一家の記録
1961-63 Excuse Me, Mama ごめんねママ
1961-62 Wing and Star Dust 羽と星くず
1961 The Adventure of Kurochoro くろちょろのぼうけん
1961-62 The Ant and the Giant アリと巨人
1961 Mankind’s Ancestor 人間のせんぞ
1961 Shusaku Ban Goes Unchallenged 伴俊作まかり通る
1961-62 The Strange Boy ふしぎな少年
1961-65 Bongo ボンゴ
1961 The Human Ranch 人間牧場
1961-64 Captain Ozma オズマ隊長
1961 The Corona of Fire 火の輪
1961-62 The White Pilot 白いパイロット
1961-62 Nokko and Poro のっことぽろ
1962 The Star Contest that Went to a Child 星のコンクールにいった子
1962-63 The Iron Road 鉄の道
1962 The Mars Pioneer Village’s New Years 火星開拓村のお正月
1962 Here Comes Yokko-chan! ヨッコちゃんがきたよ!
1962 Little Bear, Bubu こぐまのブブ
1962 S.O.S. from Space 宇宙からのSOS
1962 Spirit of the Wild Rose 野ばらの精
1962 Brave Dan 勇者ダン
1962 Two, Minus Two, Equals Two 2から2を消せば2
1962 A Blue Shadow Behind the Backstop バックネットの青い影
1962-63 Just a Little Story ほんのちょっぴり物語
1963-66 Princess Knight [Nakayoshi] リボンの騎士 Nakayoshi
1963 The Shinsen-gumi 新選組
1963 You’re the Last One! 最後はきみだ!
1963-64 S.F. Fancy Free SFファンシーフリー
1963 The Eye of the Building ビルの中の目
1963 The Sound of the Devil 悪魔の音
1963-64 The Tornado Voyage タツマキ号航海記
1963 A Ghost Story at 1 p.m. 午後一時の怪談
1963 Ray-Gun Jack 光線銃 [レイ・ガン] ジャック
1963 Submarine Bathys Doesn’t Surface バチス号浮上せず
1963 Klein’s Jar クラインの壷
1963-65 Roppu ロップくん
1963-66 Big X ビッグX
1963 A Man in a Corner おいつめられた男
1963 Man from Space 宇宙から男が
1964 The Great Zeo 偉大なるゼオ
1964-65 The Story of Animals よろめき動物記
1964-66 Jungle Emperor [First Grader] ジャングル大帝
1964 Robot Labor Union Leader わが名は百科
1964-67 Dove, Fly Up to Heaven ハトよ天まで
1965 Donaru-kun どうなるくん
1965 Wonder 3 [Shonen] ワンダースリー
1965 Leo-chan レオちゃん
1965-67 Ambassador Magma マグマ大使
1965-66 Wonder 3 [Shonen Sunday] ワンダースリー
1965 Stardust スター・ダスト
1965 The American Prefecture of the Empire of Japan 大日本帝国アメリカ県
1965 Jungle Emperor & Higeoyaji ジャングル大帝とヒゲオヤジ
1966-67 Flying Ben フライングベン
1966 The Indestructible Airliner やぶれかぶれ
1966 The Shinagawa Double Suicide 品川心中
1966-67 Vampires バンパイヤ
1966 Magnificent Melancholy 華麗なるユーウツ
1966 The Uninhabited Island われ泣きぬれて島と
1966 Tadanobu タダノブ
1967 Jungle Emperor, Onward Leo! ジャングル大帝進めレオ!
1967 Phoenix [“Dawn”] 火の鳥
1967 The Man from the Time Machine タイムマシンのみこと
1967-68 Rally Up, Mankind! 人間ども集まれ!
1967 The Amnesia Ray 日付け健忘線
1967-69 Gum Gum Punch ガムガムパンチ
1967-69 Dororo どろろ
1967-68 Phoenix [“Future”] 火の鳥
1968 Goro of Hatchoike 八丁池のゴロ
1968 Grand Dolls グランドール
1968 Three Thrills 三つのスリル
1968 The Namamugi Case 生麦事件
1968 Manga College まんが大学
1968-69 Burunga I ブルンガ1世
1968 Shammi 1000 シャミー1000
1968-69 Swallowing the Earth 地球を呑む
1968 Two Sides of a Human Being 机の中へこんにちは
1968 Norman ノーマン
1968 Hyoroku and Gonroku ヒョーロク記
1968 The Girl Rika 嚢[ふくろ]
1968 The Execution Ended at Three O’Clock 処刑は3時におわった
1968 The Student Activist おそすぎるアイツ
1968-69 Jilletta from Upside Down 上を下へのジレッタ
1968 The Nudist Archipelago ヌーディアン列島
1968-69 Phoenix [“Yamato”] 火の鳥
1968-70 Under the Air 空気の底
1968-69 Vampires II バンパイヤ
1968 Mini Mini Resume ミニミニ履歴書
1969 General Onimaru 鬼丸大将
1969 Alien 異法人
1969 Phoenix [“Universe”] 火の鳥
1969 The Hill of Zero Dimension 0次元の丘
1969 Pokkachi ぽっかち
1969 The End of Green 緑の果て
1969-70 Phoenix [“Karma”] 火の鳥
1969 The Widowers [a.k.a. Upset Because of Apollo] アポロはなぜ酔っ拂ったか
1969 Land of the Tigermen 虎人境
1969-70 The Crater ザ・クレーター
1969-70 I.L I.L
1969 Rubbish Poetry がらくたの詩
1969 The Spacemen’s Base 黄色魔境
1969-71 Triton of the Sea [originally known as Blue Triton] 海のトリトン (青いトリトン)
1969 The Runaway Tanker 大暴走
1969 Black Hole 暗い穴
1969-70 The Adventures of Rubi 冒険ルビ
1969-70 The Minimum Invitation Seat サイテイ招待席
1969 Night on the Bypass バイパスの夜
1969 Seven-Day Reign of Terror 7日の恐怖
1969 The Stress-Solving Doll 苦情銀行

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