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Tezuka’s Manga

With a manga library as extensive as Osamu Tezuka’s – one which spans so many genres, types and periods – it can sometimes be a bit daunting on how to best organize it to fit every need.  Although it is of course possible to browse through our manga pages in alphabetical order, that might not always be the best way to do it.

In this section,  you will find links to browse through our ever-growing set of pages on Tezuka’s manga works by various themes, including: Story Style, Category, Period, and Type.  Of course, it is difficult to contain Tezuka’s manga, so pages may be tagged with more than one theme at a time.  You will find a list of each page’s individuals tags at the top of the page – some of which are not displayed as links here.

Please keep in mind, this is not a full list of Tezuka’s manga (at least not yet).  If you want to see the BIG list, please check out our About Tezuka’s Manga section.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list of Tezuka’s works that have been translated into English and/or many other languages, we suggest you visit our Translations section.

Tezuka’s work by Category

  • Shonen (Stories aimed at young boys)
  • Shojo (Stories aimed at young girls)
  • Seinen (Stories aimed at young men)
  • Josei (Stories aimed at young women)
  • Manga for Kids (Stories of kids of all ages)

Tezuka’s works by Period

Tezuka’s works by Type: