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Jetter Mars (Anime – 1977 TV Series)

Also known as ジェッターマルス (Jettā Marusu)
Jetter Mars (1977)

Jetter Mars (1977)

Broadcast: 77/02/03 to 77/09/15
Broadcast on: Fuji TV Network
No. of Episodes 27
Format Full Colour

Jetter Mars (1977) made its debut on the Fuji Television Network on February 3, 1977.

Although considered a mild success, as redesign rather than an actual remake of the classic Astro Boy (1963-66) animated television series, it received a rather cool reception by the viewing public and lasted on 27 episodes.

Broadcast on Thursday evenings, each full-colour episode was approximately 24 minutes in length.

Episode Guide

Episode: 01 Title: Year 2015, Mars is Born (2015年マルス誕生) Original Air Date: 03/02/1977
In 2015, Dr. Yamanoue completes building a robot boy with the help of his old friend, Dr. Kawashimo. Dr. Yamanoue names the robot Jetter Mars after the Roman god of war. Mars emerges a black slate, unable to know between right and wrong. Dr. Yamanoue wants to use Mars for military purposes while Dr. Kawashimo strongly opposes him. Meanwhile, a powerful storm threatens the artificial island where they were working.
Episode: 02 Title: Smuggling Robot Gang (ロボット密輸団) Original Air Date: 10/02/1977
Dr. Yamanoue forces Mars to study but Mars runs away from home. Mars figures out that he actually yearns for affection from his father. While Mars is running away, Mars encounters the Robot Smuggling Gang. It’s up to Dr. Kawashimo’s robot daughter Miri to save him from being kidnapped.
Episode: 03 Title: Why does Mars Cry (マルスなぜ泣く) Original Air Date: 17/02/1977
For a festival held for the Celebration of Robots, Mars is forced to face a professional fighter, Mad Mask. Kuru, Miri’s pet carrier pigeon, gets injured during the fight. This causes Mad Mask to forfeit to match, but later, Mad Mask re-challenges Mars.
Episode: 04 Title: Goodbye Little Brother! ( さようならオトウト!) Original Air Date: 24/02/1977
After reading picture books, Mars decides he wants a younger brother. After a disappointing day of combat training, Mars finds a stray dog which he decides to adopt as his younger brother. Dr. Yamaoune allows Mars to keep the dog after Mars stops a runaway tank. However, the stray dog has a dangerous secret.
Episode: 05 Title: The Most Talented Robot Ever (史上最高のロボットタレント) Original Air Date: 03/03/1977
Mars escapes combat training to play with Miri. After being kicked out for accidentally breaking into a drive-in, Mars and Miri encounter Hamegg and his wife Hamsalad who are looking for performers for their “professional performing arts program”. Mars agrees to go with them, but what’s the catch?
Episode: 06 Title: The Girl who came from the Land of Dreams (夢の国から来た少女) Original Air Date: 10/03/1977
An Astronomer named Dr. Hono requests for Mars to capture a specimen of a mysterious alien. However, Mars befriends one named Dolly. In order for Mars protect Dolly’s freedom, Mars must fight a powerful robot, Star Kong.
Episode: 07 Title: Miri is Missing (消えた美理) Original Air Date: 17/03/1977
Mars returns home after being scolded by Miri for pulling pranks during a party. However, Dr. Kawashimo learns that a dangerous gang is on the loose and that Miri hasn`t returned home, yet. Worried about Miri’s safety, Dr. Kawashimo calls Dr. Yamanoue to ask him if Mars has seen Miri. Mars looks for Miri and comes across Skunk, the gang’s leader. Fooled by his kindness, Mars believes that he should help Skunk.
Episode: 08 Title: Where did you go, Dad? (お父さんどこ行ったの?) Original Air Date: 24/03/1977
Dr. Yamanoue disappears after the testing of a powerful new weapon results in a landslide. Feeling lost, Mars looks for his father but is unable to find him. Mars, Miri, and Dr. Kawashimo find out that Tawashi is now the Minister of Science and that he wants to look after Mars as the new minster.
Episode: 09 Title: Lamp, the Space Trader (宇宙の始末人ランプ) Original Air Date: 31/03/1977
Dr. Yamanoue is left for dead and as a result, Mars must live with Dr. Kawashimo and Miri. Mars has a hard time accepting the loss of his father, and withdraws from them. Meanwhile, Lamp is behind on his job as a “star cleaner” and needs a robot to do his job quickly. Lamp tricks Mars by claiming that he knows his father’s whereabouts.
Episode: 10 Title: My little brother’s name is Melchi (弟の名はメルチ) Original Air Date: 07/04/1977
Mars’ new little brother Melchi, joins Dr. Kawashimo’s family. Mars and Melchi go to the park together but were held up by the police because they suspect Mars has kidnapped Dr. Spice’s robot baby. In order to go free, Mars must prove that Melchi is his younger brother.
Episode: 11 Title: Mars the Freshman (新入生マルス) Original Air Date: 14/04/1977
Mars and Melchi play together all day but their games are causing mischief. Dr. Kawashimo and Miri decide to enroll Mars in school but Mars is reluctant to go. Meanwhile, Mars meets a private detective who calls himself Shunsaku Ban. Mars joins Shunsaku Ban in solving a mystery.
Episode: 12 Title: Secret Agent, James Bond (ヒミツ諜報員ジャムボンド) Original Air Date: 21/04/1977
Parts of the world are being covered in ice. James Bond, a detective from England, is sent to find out the cause of this problem. Mars is sent to assist him during this mission, but James Bond has a prejudice against robots.
Episode: 13 Title: Honey the Robot Transfer Student (ロボット転校生ハニー) Original Air Date: 28/04/1977
A mysterious swam of energy stealing bees makes an appearance in Tokyo. While Mars investigates the source, he finds a young robot girl named Honey who is very weak. Mars, Miri and Melchi investigate the connection between Honey and the swarm of bees.
Episode: 14 Title: The Vampire from Outer Space (宇宙からの吸血鬼) Original Air Date: 05/05/1977
In Japan, a vampire is on the loose, kidnapping people. Mars and Miri are shocked to find out that the vampire has a grudge against Dr. Kawashimo and is going after him next! It’s up to Mars to protect him.
Episode: 15 Title: Melchi likes Monster (メルチのすきなモウスター) Original Air Date: 12/05/1977
Dr. Franken is expelled from the Ministry of Science and has vowed to take revenge using his robot, Monster. Monster befriends Melchi in the middle of a battle, and Monster becomes torn between Dr. Franken and Melchi.
Episode: 16 Title: Zaza, the Wandering Planet (さまよえる惑星ザザ) Original Air Date: 19/05/1977
A mysterious planet has been discovered in the solar system. When the expedition team disappears, a second expedition is called to investigate and find them. Mars and Dr, Kawashimo are called to aid the second expedition team.
Episode: 17 Title: The Samurai Robot from the 7th Year of the Tenpo Era
Original Air Date: 02/06/1977
Mars goes on a school field trip to the caves. Mars finds out that there`s rumor of a dangerous ghost lurking in the cave. Mars goes to investigate, however, Mars might not have enough energy to do this dangerous task.
Episode: 18 Title: Reviving the Ancient Robot (よみがえる古代ロボット) Original Air Date: 16/06/1977
A strange metal plate was discovered on a faraway island, holding the secret to the ancient civilization of Mau, which was advanced for its time. An expedition sponsored by Tawashi is arranged to find out about the lost civilization. What secrets await for Mars?
Episode: 19 Title: Mars’s First Love (マルスの初恋) Original Air Date: 23/06/1977
A girl named Agnes transfers to Mars’s elementary school from a prestigious school and Mars falls in love. However; the principal from the prestigious school orders Agnes to capture Mars so Mars could be one of their robot students.
Episode: 20 Title: Mars becomes a Young Boss (マルス若親分になる) Original Air Date: 30/06/1977
A fellow scientist Dr. Jin visits Dr. Kawashimo and presents an electronic brain that has “the spirit of Japanese men”. Dr. Jin wants Mars to test it, but Dr. Kawashimo does not approve. When Mars visits Dr. Jin’s home and after hearing about his past and ambition, Mars agrees to test the electronic brain.
Episode: 21 Title: Mighty Robot Joe (鉄腕ロボット・ジョー) Original Air Date: 07/07/1977
Mars befriends a heavyweight boxing robot named Joe. It turns out he was the first test robot built by Dr. Yamaoune. Unfortunately, Joe injures his arm during a boxing match. Joe’s boss agrees that he will repair the arm but Joe has to do a terrible favour.
Episode: 22 Title: Android Lullaby (アンドロイドの子守唄) Original Air Date: 21/07/1977
Kawashimo, Mars, Miri and Melchi meet Kawashimo’s old friend Dr. Tsukioka and his family. .Dr. Tsukioka is going to America to publish his research. Dr. Tsukioka wants his robot caretaker Mayumi to stay with Dr. Kawashimo. This is because Mayumi is incomplete; Mayumi will fly into an uncontrollable rage should his son Takashi be hurt. However, Dr. Tsukioka`s greedy sister Hiroko wants to kidnap Takashi.
Episode: 23 Title: The Wandering Robot (さすらいのロボット) Original Air Date: 28/07/1977
A rogue robot named Adios is released from prison and travels to Japan. Ever since Adios was released, there have been cases of kidnapped robots that were found to have been damaged by SP energy. When Melchi suddenly disappears, Mars goes to search for him while investigating the mystery behind SP energy.
Episode: 24 Title: Another Miri (もう一人の美理) Original Air Date: 18/08/1977
When Mars, Miri, Dr. Kawashimo and Melchi return from a trip, they find that their house was broken in. When they try to find out who did it, they find a robot girl named Saromi. Her connection to the robot resistance holds the answer.
Episode: 25 Title: Wolf Boy from Outer Space (宇宙の狼少年) Original Air Date: 01/09/1977
During a holiday, Mars and Miri meet a mysterious boy. Mars wonders about the secrets the boy is hiding and sets out to a village in the Alps.
Episode: 26 Title: Adios Returns (帰ってきたアディオス) Original Air Date: 08/09/1977
Mars runs away from Dr. Kawashimo’s home after learning about the experiments he did on robots. Mars finds a village where he meets a grieving man. Mars and Adios must defend him from a crooked, expelled scientist who is after his fortune.
Episode: 27 Title: The Fight Beyond Tomorrow (明日に向かって羽ばたけ) Original Air Date: 15/09/1977
Orchestra members hijack a plane to go to Japan and meet Mars and present to him a record as a gift. However, they get arrested when Mars receives the record. Mars then is assigned to be a bodyguard of the Robot President Ropuras because Ropuras has been the target of assassinations lately. However, it turns out the recording holds both the sinister secrets of Ropuras and… a letter from Dr. Yamanoue?