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Jungle Emperor (Anime – 1965-66 TV Series)

Also known as ジャングル大帝 (Junguru Taitei)
Leo on the run

Jungle Emperor (1965-66)

Broadcast Information

Broadcast: October 6, 1965 to September 28, 1966
Broadcast on: Fuji Television Network
No. of Episodes 52
Format Full Colour
Genre: Adventure
Note: Japan’s first ever full-colour animated television show


Episode Guide


Episode: 01 Title: Go, Child of Panja ( 行けパンジャの子) Original Air Date: 06/10/1965
When his mate, Eliza is captured by hunters, the white lion Panja, king of the jungle, sacrifices himself trying to save her.  After Panja’s death, Eliza gives birth to a baby on a transport ship, and names him Leo. Knowing that Leo must carry on his father’s legacy, she helps him escape from the sinking ship in the middle of a storm.
Episode: 02 Title: The Wind in the Desert ( 砂漠の風) Original Air Date: 13/10/1965
After a white lion cub washes up on shore, Mandy the orangutan and Coco the parrot are overjoyed to find out it is Panja’s son, Leo. However, after Leo is abducted by a group of hunters and arms dealers, the poet Buribal saves him, and Leo returns to the jungle to fight the villains.
Episode: 03 Title: Animal School ( 動物学校) Original Air Date: 20/10/1965
Kenichi and Mary survive an airplane crash and become lost in the jungle. At first the animals are suspicious, but Leo is so impressed when he sees Kenichi cure an animal by playing his flute, he decides to opens an animal school.
Episode: 04 Title: Samson, the Wild Ox ( 猛牛サムソン) Original Air Date: 27/10/1965
Panja’s old friend Samson discriminates against domesticated animals. He offers a mule to Leo, saying that animals who live with humans are traitors and that, according to the law of the jungle, must be eaten. However, Leo firmly rejects the barbaric offer.
Episode: 05 Title: Memory of the Continent ( まぶたの大陸) Original Air Date: 03/11/1965
The young leopard Rugar, thinking his grandfather Rupe was killed by Panja, attacks Leo. However, Leo recalls his meeting with Rupe in a sewer in Paris, as well as his promise to build a utopian animal society.
Episode: 06 Title: The Starving Savannah ( 飢えたサバンナ) Original Air Date: 10/11/1965
Drought has gripped the savannah, leaving the precious food reserves dangerously low. Seeing the animals hungry and weak, Leo tells them they don’t have to be completely at the mercy of the weather if they learn to cultivate and farm fields like the humans do.
Episode: 07 Title: The Fight at Donga ( ドンガの決闘) Original Air Date: 17/11/1965
Leo first encounters Lyre when he rescues her from the evil lion Boubou, who is against the jungle being firmly united by Leo. He and the black panther Totto sow distrust among the animals of the jungle – eventually leading to Leo’s banishment from the jungle.
Episode: 08 Title: Crazy Clouds ( きちがい雲) Original Air Date: 24/11/1965
At Leo’s insistence, all the carnivores quit eating meat and become herbivorous, but become weak due to a lack of protein. At first Leo is at a loss about what to do, but then he hits upon the idea of substituting insects, such as grasshoppers, for meat.
Episode: 09 Title: The Winged King ( 翼のある王者) Original Air Date: 01/12/1965
A mad scientist conducts an experiment on a great eagle and a tiger, and creates Winger – a tiger with wings. When Winger kidnaps Romi’s mother, Leo asks the doctor to give him wings of his own so he can go after them.
Episode: 10 Title: Two Hearts ( ふたつの心) Original Air Date: 08/12/1965
A film crews comes to the jungle and the mad Director will stop at nothing in order to get sensational footage. They set fire to the jungle, and almost kill Lyre in the process, but it’s Leo to the rescue.
Episode: 11 Title: Konga’s Hunting Ground – Pt. 1 ( コンガ狩猟区・前篇) Original Air Date: 15/12/1965
Mary’s animosity towards the animals brings out her sadistic alter-ego, Queen Konga. In a fury to capture the animals of the jungle, she brings to Africa three of the greatest hunters in the world: an inventor, a cowboy, and a circus strong man.
Episode: 12 Title: Konga’s Hunting Ground – Pt. 2 ( コンガ狩猟区・後篇) Original Air Date: 22/12/1965
Although her imported hunters have been defeated, Queen Konga continues to train captured animals to become violent because it increases the thrill of the hunt. She sends her pet lioness, Kim, to lure Leo into a trap. When that fails she and her hunters invade the jungle in tanks. In a moment of desperation, Leo is saved from destruction by a Mammoth named Ofukuro and he learns about the mysterious Mt. Moon.
Episode: 13 Title: Jungle Chorus ( 密林の大合唱) Original Air Date: 29/12/1965
When Kenichi gets depressed and homesick, Leo and his friends begin a chorus to cheer him up. However, Ham Egg and Kutter return and masquerade as scientists wanting to study the animals.  Although Leo recognizes them as hunters, he decides against seeking revenge.
Episode: 14 Title: The Story of Androcles ( アンドロクレス物語) Original Air Date: 05/01/1966
An older lion who knew Panja and was jealous of his wisdom and strength, denies Leo is even a lion and sends him away. Depressed and feeling like a failure, Leo listens as Kenichi tells him the story of the white lion Androcles – who was treated like a god in ancient Egypt.
Episode: 15 Title: Eggs, Eggs, Eggs ( 卵・卵・卵) Original Air Date: 12/01/1966
During a spring-cleaning at the Jungle School, Tarchie mistakenly thinks some eggs are garbage and throws them in the river. With the mother birds in a panic, the students go down the river to retrieve the eggs. After the mother birds finish collecting their eggs, there’s still one egg left over. So, with no other choice, Leo decides to take care of the egg himself.
Episode: 16 Title: The Burning River ( 燃える河) Original Air Date: 19/01/1966
The crocodile Gabuga begins to attack animals on the land. When his child Pichie drinks gasoline by mistake, he thinks the land animals have poisoned him and takes some of them hostage. It’s up to Leo and Kenichi to rescue the animals.
Episode: 17 Title: The Strange Blue Snake ( 不気味な青蛇) Original Air Date: 26/01/1966
A giant blue snake named Nura enters the jungle.  Using hypnotism she tries to catch birds and eat them, but when Leo comes to rescue them, he is attacked by the hypnotized birds instead.
Episode: 18 Title: Bela and his Award ( ベラと勲章) Original Air Date: 02/02/1966
The wild boar Vera, who has a strong inferior complex about her appearance, is laughed at even by her dear friend Ruca’s mother. She becomes desperate, and goes by herself to destroy the rough baboon that disturbs the peaceful jungle.
Episode: 19 Title: The Sealed Hut ( 開かずの小屋) Original Air Date: 09/02/1966
Leo meets his sister Ryona by chance in an abandoned village of a wood he has accidentally wandered into. Then Leo learns that Panja had once lived in the village as its guardian angel.
Episode: 20 Title: Restaurant Rebellion ( レストラン騒動) Original Air Date: 16/02/1966
When the jungles animals start fighting over food, Leo decides to open a restaurant.  However, opinions on how to do it best vary and soon there are competing restaurants.  Of course the elephants and rhinos dislike Leo’s attempt to imitate the human world.
Episode: 21 Title: Sandy’s Revenge ( 帰ってきたサンディ) Original Air Date: 23/02/1966
 Sandy lost a fight with Mandy for the position of boss ten years ago. Now Sandy comes back to the jungle with his followers to take revenge on Mandy. Sandy threatens to spray sulfurous gas in the jungle if Mandy is not handed over to him.
Episode: 22 Title: Pop Barcy ( バーシィとっつぁん) Original Air Date: 02/03/1966
 An epidemic breaks out in a village, so Leo and the old barberry sheep Percy head for the rocky mountain Rock to find the cure. However, it is a dangerous place haunted by flying lizards that appear at night.
Episode: 23 Title: The Gigantic Grasshopper ( 大怪虫) Original Air Date: 09/03/1966
 A swarm of grasshoppers fly out of the cracks on the ground. Suddenly there is an excess supply of food, and carnivorous animals become stout. Then appears a grasshopper that has become gigantic by radioactivity. The carnivorous animals are too fat to move, so Leo has to fight the huge grasshopper alone.
Episode: 24 Title: Mommy of the Forest ( 森のマミー) Original Air Date: 16/03/1966
Bubu and Totto force an old horned owl to make a poisonous drug, and give it to Leo. The two are pleased because they think they have killed Leo by poison. However, the drug causes only numbness. When they find that Leo is still alive, they try to make the old owl create a real poison this time.
Episode: 25 Title: Jumbo, The Baby Elephant ( 子象ジャンボ) Original Air Date: 23/03/1966
Leo finds out that thousands of elephants have been killed by Congo and his men, and tells the elephant boss Darba about it. Darba, however, does not believe him. The elephants ignore Leo’s warning, only to find themselves victims of massacre by an army of tanks.
Episode: 26 Title: The Meat of Peace ( 平和の肉) Original Air Date: 30/03/1966
  Oba does not like the idea of making friends with herbivorous animals. So she gives meat to her children, and has them come to like its taste. The children are fascinated by the taste; their instincts as carnivorous animals are awakened and they try to attack herbivorous animals.
Episode: 27 Title: The Sad Chameleon ( 悲しいカメレオン) Original Air Date: 06/04/1966
The chameleon Bero is a liar and he makes everybody angry by his lies. A pigmy hippopotamus Kabu is after him. So Leo tries to put an end to Bero’s lying habit, only to get himself angry when he is deceived by Bero’s lying. Leo expels Bero from the jungle, but finding that Bero is trying to commit suicide out of despair, he follows Bero hurriedly.
Episode: 28 Title: Myu, The Wildcat ( 山猫ミュー) Original Air Date: 13/04/1966
  The wild cat Myuu disturbs the order of the jungle. Nevertheless, Leo tries to accept her as one of their members. So he dares to act as if she were his friend. However, Myuu’s behavior does not change. Moreover, humans come into the jungle because of her, and the jungle is exposed to danger.
Episode: 29 Title: Araune, the Carnivorous Plant ( 食獣花アラウネ) Original Air Date: 20/04/1966
The animals of the jungle suddenly start fighting each other in a fit of madness. The cause of this behavior turns out to be the smell of a gigantic plant Araune. Moreover, it is a carnivorous flower.
Episode: 30 Title: Pursuit ( 追跡旅行) Original Air Date: 27/04/1966
  Raiza and Maroji come to see Leo. Maroji, who does not want Leo to treat him as an elderly one, follows the car that humans Don and his father Lowtle are driving to town.
Episode: 31 Title: The Mystery of Dead Man’s Cave ( 死人洞の謎) Original Air Date: 04/05/1966
  Leo jumps into the dead man’s cave to save one of his fellows. A lizard attacks Leo in the cave, but Leo does manage to save his friend. When they are passing through a hollow, they find a golden city protected by an old turtle at its end. Then appear the humans Gold and Rush who are looking for gold, and they attack Leo and his friend.
Episode: 32 Title: The Last Poacher ( 最后の密猟者) Original Air Date: 12/05/1966
  Mesamu, who is a ranger who controls poachers, is after a big poacher called “Devil’s Mask.” Leo wants to help Mesamu, so he deliberately tries to get captured by Devil’s Mask…
Episode: 33 Title: Huuk, the Hippo without Tusks ( 牙なしヒューク事件) Original Air Date: 19/05/1966
  Tom, the child of a white egret, is thrown into a river. Then the drifter hippopotamus Huke is accused of killing Tom. Leo does not think Huke is responsible, so he tries to prove Huke’s innocence. Despite Leo’s desperate plea, Huke is sentenced to death.
Episode: 34 Title: Totto the Black Panther’s Revenge – Pt. 1 ( 黒豹トットの逆襲・前篇) Original Air Date: 26/05/1966
  Leo and his fellows try to build an amusement park in the jungle, but it is in Bubu’s territory. Bubu becomes angry, and tells his followers to attack Leo.
Episode: 35 Title: Totto the Black Panther’s Revenge – Pt. 2 ( 黒豹トットの逆襲・後篇) Original Air Date: 01/06/1966
The amusement park is now going to be built. However, soon after Totto betrays Bubu and joins Leo and his fellows, Totto encourages them to behave languidly and in a slovenly manner. Totto in fact has pretended to betray Bubu, and they are planning to expel Leo from the jungle.
Episode: 36 Title: The Monster of Musk Valley ( マスク谷の怪物) Original Air Date: 08/06/1966
  The monster of Mask Valley, the strange bird Moa, becomes friends with Leo and comes to the jungle, but cannot get used to the life there. Leo continues to cover up for Moa, who causes trouble all over the jungle. However, when Moa chases the hedgehog Harley and nearly scares him to death because he wants to eat it, Leo can no longer cover up for him.
Episode: 37 Title: The Howling Statue of Evil ( ほえる魔像) Original Air Date: 15/06/1966
  Leo and Mandy are thinking of leveling down the east valley, where the statue of evil is kept, to irrigate water to the fields. However, the valley turns out to be a sacred place for hippopotamuses. Fearing that their sacred place might be sunk, the hippopotamus boss Bacchas offers to talk to Leo…
Episode: 38 Title: Volcano Island ( 火山湖島) Original Air Date: 22/06/1966
  As the white hippopotamus couple, who are Leo’s friends, go back to their den in the island of volcanic lake to reproduce, and Saibos, who hates humans, drives Leo and his friends out of the island as they are making a playing field there.
Episode: 39 Title: The Season of Madness ( 狂気の季節) Original Air Date: 29/06/1966
  A herd of antelope is going to move to another place because they are starving due to drought. Leo tries to stop them because it is too dangerous to move the whole herd right now. However, the antelopes are determined to protect their herd and do not listen to Leo’s warning. So Leo has to stop them by force.
Episode: 40 Title: The Grassland Rowdies ( 草原の暴れん坊) Original Air Date: 06/07/1966
The little boy Mar is so fond of Leo that he always follows him. Mar’s grandfather Tom, however, it is not aware of this. One day he thinks that Leo had taken Mar away, so he goes to take Mar back from the camping site where Mar and Leo are staying.
Episode: 41 Title: Wandering Death Gods ( さすらいの死神) Original Air Date: 13/07/1966
  Three outlaws that are feared as the gods of death appear. Even Leo is no match for them. Seeing Leo being defeated, Mandy argues that they should leave the jungle as soon as Leo’s wound heals. Coco, however, objects, saying that simply running away from vicious enemies doesn’t solve any problems. He encourages the injured Leo, and trains him for a return match with the gods of death.
Episode: 42 Title: The Mischievous Act ( わんぱく作戦) Original Air Date: 20/07/1966
  Leo and the Tenpai Trio climb on a balloon just for fun, but it floats up into the air. They happily begin their flight, but carelessly crash into the hut of an old blind man…
Episode: 43 Title: The Enraged Chimiset Bear ( 怒りのチミセット) Original Air Date: 27/07/1966
  Leo and Kuma-suke go down a river on a raft looking for a Chimiset bear, but a storm throws them into the river. This misfortune, however, gives them a chance to meet the Chimiset’s baby Misette.
Episode: 44 Title: Rainbow Valley ( 虹の谷) Original Air Date: 03/08/1966
  Leo and his friends are talking about the rainbow valley that they have not yet been to. Kenny hears them talking and goes to investigate the route to the valley, but gets captured by the elephant Pagura on his way. When Leo goes to save him, Pagura tells Leo that he will let Leo pass into the rainbow valley if he keeps swimming in the bottomless marsh for ten days.
Episode: 45 Title: The Phantom Mountain ( まぼろしの山) Original Air Date: 10/08/1966
An army of tanks led by Mary together with a wild beast corps stage an assault on the jungle. Despite their brave fight, Leo and his fellows are driven into the sandbank of a river, and Kenichi and Higeoyaji are captured.
Episode: 46 Title: Jane Returns from the City ( 町から来たジェーン) Original Air Date: 17/08/1966
  Tarchi’s older sister Jane, who had been living with humans, comes back to the jungle. Jane behaves like a queen and says she is going to build her house on the ground where Leo and his friends have their play tree. The jungle is now separated into two opposing groups: Jane’s henchmen and Leo’s friends led by Mandy.
Episode: 47 Title: The Monstrous Spider ( まだらグモ) Original Air Date: 24/08/1966
  A huge spider attacks Leo, and he is hung on a spider’s web deep in the jungle. The trapped Leo is barely saved by lightning. When he returns to the jungle in relief, he is astounded to find the whole forest covered with spider webs.
Episode: 48 Title: The Red Monster ( 赤い牙) Original Air Date: 31/08/1966
  A fire called the “Red Tusk” sweeps over the jungle where the elephant Jumbo lives. Jumbo and his fellows lose their food and place to live, so Leo takes them to the swamp that is the territory of another group of elephants. Pagura, who is guarding the feeding area, however, refuses to accept the “refugees.”
Episode: 49 Title: The Tree of the Morning Sun ( 朝日をまねく木) Original Air Date: 07/09/1966
An old mandrill named Canty lives in a big tree called the “tree of the morning sun.” When Leo and Mandy visit him, he asks them to find a cure for this wonderful tree, which is suffering from a disease.
Episode: 50 Title: Otto the Adventurer ( 冒険家オットー)) Original Air Date: 14/09/1966
  A fur seal Otto comes from the western sea, with as host of various adventures behind him. Leo is so impressed by Otto’s daunting adventures and courage that he says he will travel to the eastern sea with Otto.
Episode: 51 Title: The Shrine on the Nile ( ナイルの大神殿) Original Air Date: 21/09/1966
  Leo, his older sister Ryona, and some okapis are carrying their ancestors’ fur to a big shrine when they encounter enemies, and some precious furs are thrown into the river during the fight. When Ryona finds out, she gets angry and quarrels with Leo. Immediately after that, the news that Ryona was killed in the shrine reaches the jungle.
Episode: 52 Title: The Man-Eating Lion ( 人喰いライオン) Original Air Date: 28/09/1966
A lion that was too old to get any food has no choice but to eat a human baby. Then he runs away into the jungle with a squad of hunters after him. Mandy shelters him, but Coco accuses Mandy of putting the whole jungle in danger of a human attack by saving the lion. When Leo and Mandy let the lion go, the squad of hunters raid the jungle and try to set it on fire.