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Jungle Emperor: Onward, Leo! (Anime – 1966-67 TV Series)

Also known as ジャングル大帝・進めレオ (Junguru Taitei・Susume Reo)
Jungle Emperor: Onward, Leo! (1966-67)

Jungle Emperor: Onward, Leo! (1966-67)

Broadcast Information

Broadcast: October 5, 1966 to March 29, 1967
Broadcast on: Fuji Television Network
No. of Episodes 26
Format Full Colour
Genre: Adventure
Note: The sequel, set roughly five years after the original 1965-66 Jungle Emperor television series,


Episode Guide


Episode: 01 Title: White King (白い王者) Original Air Date: 05/10/1966
A grandfather is kidnapped and a boy is left all alone in the jungle.
Episode: 02 Title: Prairie showdown (大草原の対決) Original Air Date: 12/10/1966
Leo makes the animals to report dangers in order to avoid them.
Episode: 03 Title: Zamba of the Blue Mane (青いたてがみのザンバ) Original Air Date: 19/10/1966
Leo meets a menacing Blue Lion.
Episode: 04 Title: The Pygmys’ Death Dance (ピグミーの死の祭り) Original Air Date: 26/10/1966
Leo is temporarily blinded when Pygmy’s hunt him.
Episode: 05 Title: Lune’s Adventurous Journey (ルネの冒険旅行) Original Air Date: 02/11/1966
Leo and Lyre become parents and Lune goes to the savanna alone, and is astounded by nature’s miracles.
Episode: 06 Title: Donbe, the Huge Beast (巨獣ドンベ ) Original Air Date: 09/11/1966
A band of gorillas search for a new home.
Episode: 07 Title: The Golden Bow (黄金の弓) Original Air Date: 16/11/1966
The last survivors of a tribe are pursued across Africa because of their golden bow.
Episode: 08 Title: The Secret of the Moonlight Stone (月光石の秘密) Original Air Date: 23/11/1966
The search for the Moonlight stones comes to a head as Country A and Country B confront each other at the foot of Mt. Moon.
Episode: 09 Title: Bird of Terror (恐怖の鳥) Original Air Date: 30/11/1966
A flock of falcons, carried to the jungle in a tornado, invade and attack the animals.
Episode: 10 Title: Lycons Do Not Cry (リカオンは啼かず) Original Air Date: 07/12/1966
After losing a fight to become the leader of the lycons, Rick tries to prove that he is worthy by attempting to kill Leo. He wins Lune and Lukkio over to his side, and when the children are nearly swallowed up in a muddy stream, he tries to save them.
Episode: 11 Title: Panja Goes to Town (パンジャ街へ行く) Original Air Date: 14/12/1966
Panja’s hide, left outside by Lune, is stolen. When a boy puts on the fur, a cheetah attacks him. Leo, who has been following the boy, saves him, but he is running a high fever. He recovers after an operation, and then a policeman appears and chases Leo and Lune.
Episode: 12 Title: The Poacher’s Woods (密猟者の森) Original Air Date: 21/12/1966
Leo and Lune try to free an elephant from poachers and lead him back to the jungle. Bado, brought along by Leo, goes crazy and turns violent on the way and is captured by humans. To free him Leo attempts to become a decoy.
Episode: 13 Title: Duel at Lubar Valley (ルバー谷の決闘) Original Air Date: 28/12/1966
The Black Panther Totto is almost made sacrifice to the devil’s waterfall. When he tries to eat the children, Leo, in an attempt to kill Totto, knocks down Mandy, who tries to stop Leo. Leo falls into despair…
Episode: 14 Title: The Glacier that Roared (吠える氷河) Original Air Date: 04/01/1967
A mysterious mammoth appears in the jungle
Episode: 15 Title: The Lonesome Tomb (ひとりぼっちの墓) Original Air Date: 11/01/1967
An outcast giraffe with unique markings is pursued by hunters
Episode: 16 Title: The Black Monster in the Jungle (密林の黒い牙) Original Air Date: 18/01/1967
A plane crash causes a pet leopard to go wild
Episode: 17 Title: Devil Falls (悪魔の滝) Original Air Date: 25/01/1967
Totto tries to get revenge by attacking Leo’s cubs
Episode: 18 Title: Locomotive Battle (機関車騒動) Original Air Date: 01/02/1967
Baby Elephant Bijo and Lune work together after being captured and chained to each other.
Episode: 19 Title: The Stone Fortress (石のとりで) Original Air Date: 08/02/1967
Leo decides to build a castle to protect the animals from fire, but the elephants – who hate imitating humans – are opposed to it. Lune and the son of the leader of the elephants, Bijo fight over it.
Episode: 20 Title: The White Cliff (白い絶壁) Original Air Date: 15/02/1967
The jungle becomes flooded because of a new dam and Leo is persuaded to evacuate the animals.
Episode: 21 Title: The One Who Sold the Jungle (ジャングルを売った奴) Original Air Date: 22/02/1967
The hyenas trap Leo into helping them
Episode: 22 Title: The Elephants’ Graveyard (象の墓場) Original Air Date: 01/03/1967
A herd of thirsty elephants enter the jungle
Episode: 23 Title: The Silver Wolf (銀色の狼) Original Air Date: 08/03/1967
A plane transporting Russian wolves crashes in the jungle
Episode: 24 Title: Adventure at Volcano Island (火山島の冒険) Original Air Date: 15/03/1967
Lune and Lukio help a blind buffalo
Episode: 25 Title: The Sun Will Rise Again Over the Royal Castle (王城に陽は昇る) Original Air Date: 22/03/1967
The Killer Spot Disease affects the jungle’s inhabitants
Episode: 26 Title: The Eternal Mount Moon (ムーン山よ永遠に) Original Air Date: 29/03/1967
Leo goes on an expedition to Mt. Moon in search of the Moonlight stones