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Buddha (Manga)

Considered one of Tezuka's last major works, Buddha was originally serialized from September 1972 to December 1983. Published by Ushio Shuppan Co., in a publication that began as Friends of Hope, and which was subsequently changed to Shonen World and then, ultimately, to Comic Tom over the course of Buddha's 1972 to 1983 run, in an attempt to update the overall image of the magazine.

Dekon, Dr.

Another of Tezuka's scientists - in many ways similar to Dr. Hanamaru. Dr. Dekon's kindly appearance belies his sharp intellect and iron will. Usually cast as a scientist or doctor, on occaision he has taken on other authority figure roles, such as a chief administrator, a teacher or someone's father.


Self-absorbed and cocky, Bandaka is primarily a highly skilled bandit archer. An early rival of Siddhartha's, vying for the lovely Princess Yashodara, he eventually connives and bullies his way to having himself named the heir to the Shakyan kingdom.


Usually towering over his companions with his bulky frame, you can usually spot him by his large round nose and even larger round belly.


Although he started out as another of Tezuka's cadre of scientists, Ossan wasn't able to keep pace against the likes of Butaru Makeru, Dr. Hanamaru, or Dr. Ochanomizu, and soon found himself relegated to subservient roles in the background. Despite this setback, he continued to thrive in bit parts as servants, police officers, reporters or simply just men in the crowd.

Ol’ Man Tetsuno

Ol' Man Tetsuno may be a minor star, but he is a specialist in anonymous comic relief roles. He is almost universally cast as a henchman, assistant, or just some guy standing (and smoking) in the background.