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Faust (Manga)

Tezuka's Faust (1950) was originally published as a stand-alone book by Fuji Shobo on Januauary 15, 1950.  An adaptation of Goethe's Faust, it is Tezuka's first foray into re-imagining classic literature as manga.

Lost World (Manga)

Lost World (1948), the opening act in Osamu Tezuka's early "science-fiction trilogy", was originally published by Fuji Shobo as as a book-length adventure split into two parts. Both Volume 1 (subtitled "The Earth") and Volume 2 (subtitled "The Universe") both hit the shelves at the same time on December 20, 1948.

Bambi (Manga)

Osamu Tezuka’s Bambi (1951) was originally published on November 10, 1951 as a stand-alone book by Tsuru Shobo. It, like Pinocchio (1952), is a more-or-less direct adaptation of a Walt Disney classic animated feature film.

Pinocchio (Manga)

Heavily inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic, Osamu Tezuka’s take on the tale of a wooden puppet who becomes a real boy Pinocchio (1952) was originally published as a stand-alone book by Tokodo on June 5, 1952.
New Treasure Island Cover

New Treasure Island (Manga)

New Treasure Island (1947) is, by and large, considered Osamu Tezuka's debut work. It was first published in January 1947, when Tezuka was still a 19 year-old medical student, and although it was preceded by the "gag manga" strip, The Diary of Ma-chan (1946), it is Tezuka's first long-form "story manga".