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Ambassador Magma (Manga)

Originally serialized in Shonen Illustrated [少年画報] from May 1965 to August 1967, Ambassador Magma (1965-67) is Osamu Tezuka’s most recognizable entry in the long line of “giant robot” or mecha stories in Japanese manga adventures,

Message to Adolf (Manga)

Another of his adult-oriented dramas, Message to Adolf (1983-85) was originally published in the magazine journal, Weekly Bunshun, between January 1983 and May 1985. Similar in tone to MW (1979), it is considered Tezuka's final, completed, epic work.

Bambi (Manga)

Osamu Tezuka’s Bambi (1951) was originally published on November 10, 1951 as a stand-alone book by Tsuru Shobo. It, like Pinocchio (1952), is a more-or-less direct adaptation of a Walt Disney classic animated feature film.

Devil of the Earth, The (Manga)

Originally referred to as Earth 1954, Osamu Tezuka's The Devil of the Earth (1954) first appeared as a New Year’s supplemental insert to Adventure King, in January 1954. It is one of six seasonal supplements Tezuka did for the periodical, including X-Point in the South Pacific (1953) and Lemon Kid (1953).

Norman (Manga)

Originally published in Weekly Shonen King from April 28, to December 22, 1968, Norman (1968) is another of Osamu Tezuka’s science-fiction team adventure stories depicting humanity’s struggle for survival against an opposing alien enemy

Pinocchio (Manga)

Heavily inspired by Walt Disney’s animated classic, Osamu Tezuka’s take on the tale of a wooden puppet who becomes a real boy Pinocchio (1952) was originally published as a stand-alone book by Tokodo on June 5, 1952.

Pippy (Manga)

Tezuka’s undersea adventure, Pippy (1951-53) was originally serialized in Shuiesha’s Fun Book from December 1951 to May 1953, with a one-off Pippy side-story, “Pippy’s Adventure”, appearing in an Fun Book “Special Issue” in August 1952.